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Terms and Conditions

All Stallions are Blood Typed, CEM swabbed and EVA Tested.

Stud Fee

No Foal Free Return, if the mare is barren by 1st October (veterinary certificate must be shown) then the mare will be entitled to a free return to the nominated stallion next season.

Groom's Fee£10-00
Foaling Fee£200-00
Weaning Fee£50-00
LiveryAt GrassStabled at Night & Feed
Mare£5 per day£7 per day
Mare & Foal£6 per day£8 per day


Mare should be sent recently attended to by the Farrier, without hind shoes. Mares and foals will have their feet trimmed when necessary and the owner will be charged accordingly.


Mares & foals will be wormed on arrival with 'Equest' or in the case of foals, with a wormer appropriate to the animal's age. They will then be wormed at appropriate intervals and the owner will be charged accordingly.

Veterinary Fees

All expenses incurred for visits, examinations and medicines will be paid directly to the veterinary surgeon at the end of each month. Your mare will receive a gynaecological examination by our vet on arrival and any necessary treatment to facilitate your mare's early conception.

Equine Flu and Tetanus Certificate

No mare will be allowed onto the stud without a valid certificate.


All mares must have a veterinary Certificate stating that the mare has been swabbed tested and is free from infection including CEM and EVA and is fit for breeding.

Stud Fees

Are due at the time of Service but may be paid together with the Keep Fees on collection of the mare. Clients are requested to settle their accounts in full before removing their mares.


All mares must possess a valid passport, which will be held by the stud, until the mare is collected.

Mares whilst at this stud will receive every possible care, attention and supervision but no responsibility can be taken for accident or disease. Veterinary assistance will be called in when deemed necessary and will be chargeable to the owner. All mares are served at their owner's risk and no responsibility can be accepted for injury, damage or loss caused through trying or serving any mare.

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